Benchmark testing your new Progress OpenEdge configuration

Want to know if your new hardware or configuration will be faster than the previous one? Want to select the best hardware for your business application? Want to be sure that your new configuration will bring you the best performance for your application and your users? You think you know or do want to know for  sure! For these cases we put your hardware to the test with our special Progress Benchmark Services.

ATM Benchmark application

With a special application build in Progress, the ATM benchmark application, we will take your new Progress OpenEdge Configuration to the limits and determine what its capable of by comparing to existing benchmarks of other or your old system.

The ATM benchmark is designed to measure the throughput of a system running the OpenEdge RDBMS server and the OpenEdge 4GL. The results are measured and reported in units of transactions per second (tps). The test is performed by having a number of clients execute a simple transaction, simulating an ATM deposit or withdrawal, over and over for a fixed period of time. The total number of transactions executed during the test period is measured and the resulting number of transactions per second is computed and reported, along with some other metrics that may or may not be of interest. The transactions are fairly simple and are update intensive.

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If you want know what your configuration is capable of, contact us for our Progress Benchmark Testing Services.