Progress Database Administration

Our business is Progress Database Administration. In today’s information-driven, cost-conscious business environment, your company relies on 24×7 access to mission-critical data. INCITE DBA Consultants are experienced Progress OpenEdge database administrators.

For more than 23 years we provide the following services:

  • Proactive Monitoring, administering, and tuning your Progress database environments
  • Ensuring backup and recovery of databases
  • Preventing database outages through our high availability services like after imaging and database replication
  • Installing application updates and new releases
  • 24×7 helpdesksupport

We use state of the art tools to proactive monitor your database, application and system environment. This means we probably already solved your problem before you even knew there was one!

Since we already monitor our customers systems 24×7 we do not mind installing updates and new releases of your application or Progress Runtime at times that you want us to.

Remote Database Administration & Support

We remotely monitor and tune your Progress OpenEdge database and application environment. This way we can rapidly respond to any issues involving your database and make sure problems are solved as fast as possible.

Get in touch now, before you really need us!