Progress Database performancetuning

A good performance of an application based on Progress Software is important for the satisfaction of your users and proper operation of the application. With our Progress Database Performance Maintenance plan you are sure of a good performing application, database and system environment, all year round.

Progress Database Performance Maintenance Plan

Progress perfornancetuning is a dynamical process. The environment is constantly changing. Your database and number of users are growing, application updates, new releases etc. This also means that the performance of the application, database and system enviroment is constantly changing.

We developed a Progress Database Performance Maintenance Plan based on our 23 years experience with Progress products and performancetuning. This plan consists of the following steps:

  1. Quick Scan of the application- & system environment
  2. Performance Report
  3. Implement the actions of the Performance Report
  4. Establish a performancebaseline.

Quick Scan

The Quick Scan is collecting data and statistics on the components of your application like environment, application and database(s). Our performance report will be based on the analysis of the collected data.

Performance Report

In our performance report you will find information on your environment, analysis of the statistics and actions for improving the performance. Our reports are always “user friendly” so even you can understand what we mean.

Implement Actions

After your approval, we will implement the actions mentioned in the performance report. After all actions are implemented we will collect performance statistics again to check whether the actions improved the performance.


After implementing the actions, we check the result. If you and your users are satisfied with the performance, we establish a performance baseline. This baseline is what it’s all about in our maintenance plan. Based on this baseline we periodically check the performance and correct where necessary. This way you are always insured of a good performing application and database and the satisfaction of your users.

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