Progress High Availability

Your Progress based application is mission critical. Unplanned downtime can be very expensive. Continuity and high availability are  important in case of recovering from system crashes, fire, theft, hackers etc. Progress OpenEdge has standard options available to guarantee high availability and continuity of your data.

Our services on Progress High Availability

Backup & Recovery

Based on your environment we configure a plan on how to backup your data and what is the most efficient way to restore your data. When a backup and recovery plan is in place, we test all backups and restores periodically to make sure nothing gets lost.

After Imaging

With Progress After Imaging you can retrieve your data until the very moment it got lost in a disaster. It’s a standard option in your OpenEdge runtime and should be used at all times. We can configure after imaging for your database for optimal safety of your data.

Progress Database Replication

We specialize in configuring Hot Spare Backups for your databases by using After Imaging. When your system crashes and is not available anymore, you can switch without downtime to your hot spare backup on your failover system and continue operations as normal. Progress Database Replication is based on After Imaging, a standard available option in your Progress OpenEdge Database License.

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