Progress OpenEdge Database Replication

Progress OpenEdge Database Replication

Disaster Recovery Planning

One of our High Availability services is installing and configuring a hot spare backup of a Progress OpenEdge production database as part of Disaster Recovery Planning. Disaster Recovery Planning is a critical component of any Business Plan and is an important item to ensure business continuity.

Your application and data is mission critical for running your business. Database Replication is an essential part of disaster recovery and business continuity in the event of a database server failure or database corruption event.

How it works

With our Database Replication Service we maintain an exact copy of your Progress OpenEdge production database on a backup system. Based on transactions executed in the production database, these transactions are periodically replicated to the replica of the production database on the backup server. You will need an extra server with the same Operating System as your backup/replica server.

Progress OpenEdge Database Replication based on After Imaging


Database Checkup

Before implementing Database Replication we will perform a checkup of your production enviroment. We will perform an extensive database analysis in order to determine if we need to perform an indexrebuild or other form of maintenance.


After the checkup we bring down the databases and perform backups of each database and implement the After Imaging feature of the Progres database and configure the scripts involved in the replication process. When everything is in place we perform an extensive failover test to make sure everything works as it should. We provide you with procedures with information how to act in case of a failover situation.

Maintenance & periodic testing

Periodically we perform maintenance tasks to make sure everything is working as it should. Once every year we perform a failover test so you know what to do when your production databases are no longer available.

Benefits of Progress OpenEdge Database Replication

The biggest benefit is that in case of a database corruption of failure, you will have an hot spare backup of your data available thus minimizing potential data loss. Within minutes or seconds depending on your Disaster Recovery configuration you and your users will be up and running again.

Want to access your data fast in case of a disaster?

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