Progress Performancetuning Training

The workshop Progress Database Performancetuning is practical in depth training for system and progress database administrators to learn Progress Database Performancetuning hands on.

For whom intended?

This course is intended for system and progress database administrators with basic knowledge of the Progress Open Edge System and with knowledge of the Windows or Unix Operating System, depending on the infrastructure you manage at your work.


After the workshop the system administrator is able to measure the activity of the database and system environment, analyse the data, tune the performance of the Progress based application and database and maintain a performance baseline for future comparison.


The course or workshop has the following modules:

Progress Database Performancetuning

  • Performancetuning: the Basics
  • Using Performance utilities on Windows and Unix
  • Performancetuning Tips & Tricks
  • Establishing a performancebaseline
  • Maintaining a performance baseline
  • Perform a Performancetuning Project

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