Progress Systems Checkup Service

A best practice for any Progress environment is to check all systems periodically to improve performance and to for see future problems. Based on this best practice, we offer customers our Progress Systems Checkup Service.

Progress Systems Checkup Service Features

The Progress Systems Checkup Service will focus on a number of analyses:

  1. Server
  2. Environment
  3. Database
  4. Disaster Recovery or High Availability

Server Analysis

We examine the utilization of the hardware configuration including the CPU(s), memory and disks in relation to the database, the application and Progress.

Environment Analysis

In this analysis we take a look at the complete environment and how it’s configured. Where are the programs installed, what startup parameters are used, what’s scripts are running, how is the application started etc.

Database Condition

We check on the condition the database is in. We take a look at the records, the configuration of the database and the indexes.

Disaster Recovery or High Availability 

We evaluate the status and potential effectiveness of your disaster recovery plan, backup strategy and redundancy.

Systems Checkup Scope
This work typically requires one day. That assumes the work can be done remotely, involves one site and one database and includes the systems checkup report. The service may require more time depending on the status of your application and operations.

Systems Checkup Report
We will provide you with detailed and specific report on the condition of and any recommendations for improvements in your:

  • Server hardware
  • Progress Software environment – Database
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup plans
  • An activity / performance baseline for comparison with future health checks to identify changes and problems.


The Systems Checkup Service provides the following benefits:

  • Improvement opportunities by measuring and evaluating current application and database performance
  • Minimizes or eliminates costs like performance degradation, bottlenecks and disaster preparation
  • Prolongs the life of your current hardware
  • Guidance on how your system is likely to perform in the future and the impact on your plans

Want to know the health of your systems? Apply now for a our System Checkup Service.