Progress Training and Workshops

We provide Progress technical training and workshops. We provide the following training:

  • Database Administration
  • Performancetuning
  • High Availability

Progress Database Administration

This course is designed for database administrators who need to administer Progress V9 or OpenEdge RDBMS 10 databases.

It teaches the concepts, procedures, and guidelines used in database administration. Students will learn about the OpenEdge RDBMS architecture, and how to use database administration tools to create, start up, and shut down a database. For maintenance, students will learn how to back up and restore a database, implement roll-forward recovery using after-imaging, and dump and load a database. Finally, they will learn how to troubleshoot database problems.

  • Operational Management of a Progress Environment
  • The Progress Database (Contents, Layout and database maintenance like dump&load, indexrebuilds, migrations)
  • Performancetuning of Progress Database and Progress environment
  • High Availability (Backup, Restore, After Imaging, Replication)

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Progress Database Performancetuning

Our Progress Database Performancetuning course is interactive. Every student will use his own database environment to practice the theories explained. On the last day of the course the students will enter a competition to find out who is best at tuning his or hers database.

  • Performancetuning Progress environment, the basics
  • Collecting statistics
  • Tuning the database, client and system environment
  • Tools, Tips & Tricks
  • Perform in a performancetuning competition

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Progress High Availability

Your Progress based application is mission critical. Unplanned downtime can be very expensive. Continuity and high availability are  important and after following this course, the student is fully aware of these facts.Based on this training, the student will be able to configure the application environment to guarantee maximum availability en continuity and how to handle when a calamity occurs.

  • Making a Backup & Recovery plan
  • Backup & Restore in a Progress environment
  • After Imaging
  • Configure Database Replicatie based on After Imaging
  • Tips & Tricks

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