Workshop Progress High Availability

The workshop Progress High Availability is practical training for system and Progress database administrators to be able to configure a high available Progress environment. This is a training on the job so it connects perfectly with the existing technical infrastructure and application environment.

For whom intended?

This course is intended for system and Progress database administrators with basic knowledge of the Progress Open Edge System and with knowledge of the Windows or Unix Operating System, depending on the infrastructure present.


Based on this training, the student will be able to configure the application environment to guarantee maximum availability en continuity and how to handle when a calamity occurs. He knows how to make a backup & recovery plan and how to use the Progress utilities for backup and restore.


The course or workshop has the following modules:

High Availability

  • Performing Risk Analysis
  • Progress Backup and Restore
  • Disaster Recovery & Procedures
  • Implementing After Imaging
  • Database Replication based on After Imaging
  • Introduction to OpenEdge Replication
  • Tips & Tricks

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